SMART on FHIR Capabilities

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SMART on FHIR Accelerator to Prevent Information Blocking

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DataArt’s SMART on FHIR Accelerator

To help healthcare companies comply with the new regulations quickly, DataArt offers a proprietary approach towards extending an existing EHR solution with SMART on FHIR capabilities and FHIR API.

Depending on the technology stack or a type of infrastructure you are currently using, DataArt can recommend the right components from a multitude of available options and help put them together to make sure that those components are connected to the existing solution.

DataArt’s FHIR Adoption Accelerator is Composed of:

  • FHIR API built on the open source “FHIR Server for Azure”
  • Adapter model for integrating FHIR API into existing medical record systems
  • SMART on FHIR app launcher
  • OAuth server built on IdentityServer4
  • ETL approach for synchronizing data into the FHIR server

DataArt offers a combination of the accelerator and additional custom software development services.

Our FHIR Experience

Platforms and Servers

  • Microsoft Azure API for FHIR
  • Microsoft FHIR Server for Azure
  • Google Cloud Healthcare API
  • Amazon FHIR Works on AWS
  • InterSystems
  • MuleSoft


  • X-Link
  • Interfaceware Iguana
  • Interfaceware Chameleon
  • Redox Engine

FHIR Projects

  • CDS Hooks
  • SMART Markers
  • Flat FHIR
  • FHIRCast
  • FHIR Vulcan

About DataArt

DataArt is a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to solving problems. We are uniquely positioned to help EHR vendors extend their existing solutions with SMART on FHIR capabilities and FHIR APIs.

Being a part of the industry and a part of all the changes stemming from Meaningful Use criteria and from the Affordable Care Act for over a decade, DataArt has experience building EHRs from scratch, as well as ensuring data security and privacy and compliance to industry regulations.